Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Spring is just in its beginning stages here where I live. I always enjoy the growth and the life that comes from a deadly winter, even if it means that I suffer with strained breathing, itchy eyes, and all the symptoms that go along with the budding beauty of this season. What I appreciate the most about spring is the color. I love color! I like many colors, but my favorite has to be the many hues of my beloved purple. These buds look bluer than in real life, but the periwinkle shade would in my mind lie under the classification of “the purples”. From the lilacs that permeate the air with their fragrance to the deep shades of irises that line spring gardens, I love it. I always seem to notice purple flowers wherever I go. I act as if God made each one especially for me. Yes, I am that self-absorbed! I love them. I just want God to know that if no one else noticed these buds today – I DID!!! And I love Him for it. You know what’s even cooler, though? My ugly sins didn’t make a difference in his loving me today, even though it took a purple bud to make me notice him. He always notices me! It is a humbling thought to know that he created me exactly as he wanted me, and that I can come to him just as I am… because it’s not a really pretty shade of purple, folks! I wonder what color I am in his eyes...