Friday, April 23, 2010


I took this picture when at The Museum of Computers and Technology in Paris. It was a run-through for me, practically. See, I'm thankful for all the computer technology of this day and age, really, but I am so NOT a computer geek. However, there is a man in my life who is. In 1983 my dad came home with a computer, okay the year may be a little off, but it was in the early 80's, nonetheless. We had Atari and Colecovision and whatever else was new and innovative back in the day. My dad was not only intrigued, I'd say he was a little obsessed. I guess OCD wasn't diagnosed as such way back when. Good thing I at least know the name of my ailments - my dad was oblivious, poor guy. So, as I sauntered through this museum to quickly make it to the next on my list, this computer caught my eye. I can almost guarantee you that one much like this one (if not exactly this one... my dad would be the type to not throw it out and donate it to some guy wanting to preserve such a rich piece of modern history) was sitting in my front room as a grade-schooler. Since it has been more years than I wish to recall that I have lived near my parents, anything that reminds me of them stops me dead in my tracks. The color yellow, the smell of brewing coffee, a computer that would fill half a room, an old book, and just a pair of eyeglasses can take me back to those memories of my sweet parents. I cherish each one. I live too far away not to live in the past a little... and look forward to the future, to the day I will embrace the ones I love so dear again.


  1. Awwww! That's sweet. I think we had one of those too!

  2. sweet thoughts Shell! I had a commodore 64 with a matirx dot was a bizzilion dollars, over a 100 pounds and I don't remember ever using it for anything remotely worth the money we spent on it. Oh and Atari..I was the Asteroid champion! Thanks for bringing me back to good memories too!Love you!

  3. Those were the days, huh? :) I'm starting to realize that I am aging (gasp)!! :) Oh, to just play a game of Mario on the nintendo, you know? Carefree... that's an ACTUAL sentiment, remember? :)