Monday, April 19, 2010

Michal, the Queen

I'm not sure if it was custom for kings and queens back in Bible times to give masked balls, but it's what I think of when I think of the life of royalty. I guess it's due to an interest in the history of Marie Antoinette and other such figures. However, the wearing of "masks" is something we all do, isn't it? How many appearances must Michal have had to keep?! The next time Michal appears, her love has turned into disdain. Second Samuel chapter six shows us a Michal who instead of rejoicing over her husband's triumph, ridicules his dance of joy before the Lord. David was victorious in bringing the Arc of the Covenant back into its rightful home! What an amazing feat! Yet, Michal does not rejoice with David. She mocks him. Se wants him to feel the pain she does. It backfires, as it often does in life, doesn't it? She is punished. 2 Samuel 6:23Therefore Michal the daughter of Saul had no child unto the day of her death. This punishment seems severe at first glance. I would have been much like Michal, I think, and would have wanted to see David suffer. But, there was one problem. You see, David was a man after God's own heart. Was he perfect? No. Are any of us? But Michal not only mocked David, but she despised his offering of praise to the Lord. I personally believe that is why God chose to punish her as such. I think that God loves women and has given us a unique position and an extremely powerful influence in this life, so I can't bring myself to believe that God is being unjust here, even though my heart breaks for Michal. I think that God would have listened to a prayer of grief from her, even a complaint of the unjust way she had been treated, but instead, she took it out on her husband, and mocked his service to the Lord.

I wonder if there could have been a turning point here. I know myself and if you've read the previous posts you know that I am convinced my parents had it right when they called me Michal, because I have been outraged while reading this whole story at times. It's only when I began really searching for the meaning behind it all that I saw that Michal's sin was unto the Lord, as all sin is, really. And the rights that I think she had are really not her rights at all. I can't say I would've done any differently, but I can wonder at what would have become of her, and how the story would have changed had she found a way to cope without becoming bitter.

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  1. Well, you would expect your father to comment on anything related to a princess or a queen, and here I am. From the little girl spinning in her Cinderella dress, to the bride walking down that special aisle, to the "little girl" in the hospital room birthing a father's first grandchild, you have always been a queen (and rightly so, you have a wonderful husband who has more than lived up to his promise to take care of you...easing the pain of letting you go into someone else's hands.) You have always been a princess who has simply grown into a real live queen. I love you.