Thursday, April 29, 2010

Through the eyes of others

In my creative writing classes the other day, I gave an assignment where everyone had to be in the same, small space - our school courtyard. They had five minutes to walk around and then we all sat in a circle to write about the one thing that inspired us. Each thought was different. It was astounding. Even though I knew the purpose of my lesson, I was still blown away at the variety of thought involved. I will share mine and then a few of the other thoughts.

My Mother

Yellow flowers
Sweet Kisses,
Pinches and caresses,
That's my mother.
Goofy smiles
Contagious laughs
Sandals and long dresses,
That's my mother.
Silly giggles
Excited shouts,
Cluttered, organized messes,
That's my mother,
And I love her.

And by the way, these little flowers whose name I do not know, are lovely paint holders! If you tear this plant at any part - leaves and all - it holds a lovely yellow shade of "juice". It's a fun activity for the kids to stamp, draw, and paint with the plethora of yellow juice from this fun plant!

Some of the other thoughts were these; I am summarizing the thoughts of my 4-5th graders.
- The brick grill by the wall reminded one student of the time he went picnicking with his family.

- The lone dandelion next to the tall, strong tree reminded a girl of little David next to a strong giant Goliath.

- The mud splashes on the white brick in the form of a snowman were a reminder that winter passed and spring is here. ( I couldn't get the picture for this one to turn out to see the mud, sorry!)

- The white flowers fluttering down the blossoming tree remind us that the "snow" of spring is fresh and warm.

- The garden flowers of yellow and purple are reminders of a beloved mom and grandma.

And my personal favorite and these are basically verbatim from a 10-year-old:
- The thorns on the rose bush remind us of Jesus' crown of thorns. We are like the rose, we live and die because of his sacrifice.


  1. ooooo! I am going to use your idea with my writing class! This is awesome Shell!!! Thank you, you've inspired me!

  2. That is awesome. You are so thought provoking!