Friday, May 21, 2010


I love words. I love to read, listen and learn. The pages of old books like the one I'm reading now are enchanting to me. I get lost in a good book. I have had to stop "pleasure reading" while at school because my class could run a muck and I'd be content to be reading alone at my desk, lost in the world of words that so beautifully paint a picture for the mind's eye.

Yet, the fascination does not stop with a good story. I have been pondering the depth of words lately. This book I have photographed is an old book with yellowing pages. It was discarded by a library. Its copyright is 1964, and it's a book about some of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. A little presumptuous some might say, but by the time of its writing, the 20th century had seen two world wars, and the change of a wide, vast world into that "small" world we know today. And the words are strong. Fascism. Communism. Revolt. War.

Words... how deep, and at times, how shallow. Even the small decisions of the men in the 20th century dictated the way we live our lives in the 21st, to some extent, and the words they lived by were so strong. I wonder what words we live by sometimes. As Christians we live - or should live - by the words given to us by an almighty God and yet we waste our words away on silly insults, gossip, criticism, and many other "fillers", as I like to call them. Why?

No answers from me. Just "Why"? I wonder why, truly. Is it that hard to search to the depths of our vocabulary for a reason to say something actually worth saying? I'm just wondering. I listen more than I talk, just out of habit. I am content to let others have their say most of the time so I can analyze away in my true intrinsic fashion. But I have opinions, thoughts, and contributions that seem so obscure at times that I often wonder if I'm crazy to think that some things are worth saying and others are just not.

I'm just sayin'.... :)


  1. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" comes to mind. I wonder if people realize this. It's so true. Our words....something to ponder.
    And by the got my hooked on Pride and Prejudice. Read it every year. Ahhhhh.....Now THAT is a good book.

  2. I too love old books. I started reading "5 little Peppers and How They Grew" last night to the children. It may be a little wordy for them...but I like it.

    I think sometimes people talk just because they want someone to listen, someone to care. Sometimes the words are shallow, empty, selfish...etc. Good thoughts.

    Amy, I read Jane Eyre every year. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie of all time...