Monday, June 14, 2010

My Secret Identity

You know that every superhero has a secret identity, right? So why not super-mom? It's almost as if we've been programmed to have that secret identity in public and then we wonder why in the world we get lost in knowing who we are sometimes. For a long time, I have wondered what people would think about the real me. You know, the no-mask, no Sunday clothes, no teacher's books and heels, real me.

Thanks to a good friend of mine I was recently challenged to look at myself the way God sees me. Have you ever done that? Not that sitting-in-fear-of-condemnation-and-my-righteousness-is-as-filthy-rags view, rather, the one that allows you to see that God's thoughts are of YOU!!! He loves YOU!!! I hadn't done it in so long that I couldn't even remember what it felt like to be truly loved and not just brought to my knees in fear of a holy God. Don't get me wrong, GOD IS HOLY and I am flesh, weak, sinful and undone without Him... but His thoughts are ever toward ME, just as I am!!! I knelt on the floor and cried as I prayed along with my friend and felt things I hadn't felt since my youth.

And this is what I saw. His calla lily, beautiful, pure, full of joy and a song. That's what I am to Him! I love the song... "wonderful, beautiful is what you see when you look at me". It had been a long time since I felt that in my walk with Him. And now I am overwhelmed by the feeling that only His love can bring me. See yourself through His eyes!!!! It is BEAUTIFUL!