Saturday, October 30, 2010

Naturally beautiful

This post is dedicated to my BFF, Laura. I know that this term has been trivialized and overused in recent years, but in 1988 when I met my best friend, these three letters had deep meaning indeed. Like totally. We were there for each other at just the right time of our adolescence. No one can understand a junior high aged girl like another tween, of course. But what's so wonderful about my BFF is that even today there rarely seems to be another who can understand me quite like her.

And so, as I enjoy the amazing autumn the Lord has blessed me with this year, I cannot help but think of days gone by... where the two of us would hike and play, take a million pictures, find our favorite trees, trade sweaters, break out the jean jackets and thick socks, and soak in every bit of fall together. It used to be my favorite season. I now remember why. The beauty of nature, and my naturally beautiful BFF. They go hand in hand for me today. I am blessed.

As I share these photos and a bit of my thought process while I was walking and soaking in the fall, allow me to share what else was going on. I was having a lovely time with the Lord while taking these. I walked down our street and decided to climb the hill that is essentially the base of the mountain. It was as if God was guiding me while I walked and showing me that path... remember that shining path he showed me before? I am drawn to little paths now, and I seem to find them everywhere! It's funny, and a little overwhelming, I think.

It's in direct correlation with my life.
I see those pathways, so many of them. Which is the right one to take? The light that shines before me will simply have to lead the way, and I'll continue to stop and examine each one and just enjoy the natural beauty around me.


  1. Oh, I just read this!!!... so wonderful to talk with you again this morning! I'm getting so spoiled Love you tons! And these pictures are truly beautiful!

  2. Love you TONS too!!! <3 This habit is bound to continue!!! :D