Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little piece of my heart...

Have you ever wondered about that? You know, some say that those who readily give a piece of their mind are usually those who can not afford to spare any. I feel that way sometimes about my heart.

I don't know how to not get attached.
I don't know how to let things be business and not personal.
Instead of letting things roll off my back, I mull over and analyze them.
I give my heart away, and pieces of it have never been returned.

So, I began to wonder. I began to change some.

To withdraw.

My heart was shrinking and nothing replaced it. Sure, I ran to the Lord. I'd pour out my sorrows and complaints and he'd give me comfort. Then I would face the world again.


Man, can we be stupid or what? Notice I put "we"... I know that I have been the source of another's hurt whether I have wanted to be or not.

But still, another piece of my heart would be gone.

Thankfully, God was gracious enough to give me people in my life who would exchange pieces of their heart with the piece of mine that I would fearfully extend, and my closest relationships are blossoming and growing tall and strong. It has given me strength to look beyond my own heart, my own gaping holes and realize that I am not alone.

Though apathy is still at times my greatest companion, it has become my greatest enemy. I wish the world to know that my heart is open, because it is filled with God's love and his love is limitless. Though I am human, I fail, stumble, and reach my limits rather quickly; he does not.

I am learning to give a piece of my heart even when I receive nothing from the one who takes, and takes again. I might not always do it happily, but at least now I know I can still do it. I can do all things through Christ. Maybe even have a regenerative heart!

So this is just my little piece from today. Take it. I hope you find a little love there.


  1. You are remade, new. He has given you a new heart. ..and you are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your heart, doling them out in small pieces, each one I see I lift to the Light and it sparkles brilliantly and reflects HIM.
    Right now if you were close, I'd have you over for tea, chocolate mint tea to be exact and enjoy the fellowship of a kindred heart and very loved friend.
    Thank you

  2. I think I'm there right now. Maybe slightly growing out of it. More willing to let people in. But I did feel myself withdrawing. Not letting anyone in. Hard place to be.

  3. So wisely put.
    So painfully true.