Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It could happen to you...

Lately I've been thinking about life. My life.
Life in general, really.
It's short.
Major wisdom coming at you right there, isn't it?
But really, life is so short in the grand scheme of things, and how often do we even think about digesting that?

Wars are all around us.
People killing and being killed.
Men are fighting battles that started centuries ago.
Lives have come and gone, and yet the wars and the reasons for them linger.

It's absolutely astounding how we can pass like a vapor through this world and our lives and decisions we make can linger on and on!

So, that led me to another train of thought.
Not exactly altruistic, I know, but how do I fit into this whole thing if I'm only here for a short time? Could I really be used? Is there really some great plan for my life, my purpose, my relationships, my decisions?

Something that lasts...

Would your mom ever tell you growing up to "bundle up" or "never talk to strangers"? Mine did. I'm thinking if yours was anything like the norm, yours did too. And if you were anything like I was, you'd respond with a "WHY?" in a high-pitched annoying whine. And she'd say it -
"You never know..." wagging her finger with a list of possible scenarios as you would roll your eyes, and she'd eventually take your face in her hands and say "It could happen."

Thankfully my parents were also the it-could-happen-to-you type when it came to dreams and plans as well. You never know. Oh, how I believed those words as a child! My life was SO full of promise and I'd become whatever I wanted. I just knew it! Whew, that would have been a LOT of things, let me tell ya, and the Lord most graciously saved me from myself. But my faith somewhere was lost along the way. Not lost in the sense that I was separated from my Father, I know enough theology to not get into that mess, I mean... lost as in the whole "it could happen to you" belief... the possibilities that lay deep within me, for a specific purpose.

It went from belief to disbelief in no uncertain terms. I became an it-could-never-happen-to-me individual. When? I'm not sure, but it went on for a while. I didn't even realize it until recently when a good friend of mine (thanks, Jules!) asked me "What would that Shelly look like? If you shared the real you with the world? The Shelly God planned you to be?"


My response was not very clever or insightful. It was simply "I'll have to ponder that one".

And I have.
Am I ready to see who that Shelly really is? Do I believe it could happen to little ol' me?! Do I have the faith to see myself through my Father's eyes and open up to the world with the one thing I have that no one else does?

My story.

And though it surely has many chapters to come, unless the Lord takes me home very soon, I now see the many blessed things that have happened to me and will happen to me in my story. I have begun to see that it CAN happen to me. I CAN be used, I DO have a purpose, a divinely laid plan, an impact on this world be it for only decades, centuries, or millennia to come - eternity is what will share the real story!

His story through my life.

What's your story? I know it's special to God who loves you and orchestrated every facet of your being for his good pleasure. I hope you find as much delight in that today as I do!

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  1. I absolutely delight in the real, beautiful, complex, amazing, strong, tender YOU! Love that she is showing herself more and more..you shine!