Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

Two weeks...
well, technically its five, but for me, just two.


I started this post yesterday and then never got around to it again. Monday afternoon our landlord called with the news that he sold the house. He showed the house a bit this past summer and nothing seemed to come of it - until this week, that is! So... two weeks. That's what I have. We leave for the States for my sister's wedding in just a few days, stay three weeks there, and then a week after I get back, we're out.

Monday, I was just preoccupied with the thought of what I need to do to get things packed. I was excited. A new start. A house in which I can pack and unpack every box, because, believe it or not, our last 2 moves were just as rushed and I ended up not even packing or unpacking half of our stuff. I have pictures and decorations in boxes still from 4 and a half years ago, just wondering if I'll ever get to them again! So, this time, two weeks or not, I'm determined to oversee every stage of the process! :)

Oh, and just the delight of purging our loads of accumulated junk is invigorating!

Tuesday morning as I watched another layer of snow cover the ground and the dark grey clouds hover over the mountains, I felt overwhelmed. But not overwhelmed in the sense that you might expect. Overwhelmed by God's love. Overwhelmed with a feeling that it is he who directs each of my steps, and the one who offers provision for the days ahead.

I am amazed at his timing. This scenario is so familiar to us - you know, that last-minute packing, planning, moving... and maybe it's repeated because I haven't learned a lesson, or maybe it's just because his timing is NOT my timing, and he is always revealed in a way he wouldn't have been had it worked out any differently!

Today, Wednesday, the sun came out and melted some of the lingering white. I am still invigorated (since I do still have my coffee maker out!), overwhelmed by his love, amazed at his timing, but most of all hopeful. Hopeful about the future. Content in his care. Excited at the things that lay just on the horizon, and happy that he, my God, is so gracious to me. In everything.


Well, that was all just to say, that I - more than ever - am excited about sharing my unique story. I will start at the beginning and take it as far and as deep as the Lord will lead me... but I will most likely not do it any time this month since I plan on enjoying every moment of the three weeks with my family while in the States. I know I won't have you on the edge of your seats anyway! ;)