Monday, February 6, 2012

New categories

I have decided to become a little more faithful in my blogging ways. I'm not seeking any kind of audience, just doing a little more on-line therapy, I guess. So, for those of you who follow along, I thought I'd mention a few new categories that I'll be adding.

First, I'm starting a "recipes from scratch" category. Next month will mark 13 years on the mission field for us, and I have realized that through these years I have learned to make all of our favorite meals by improvising and implementing healthy, from-scratch recipes that take very little time. Granted, more time than it takes to pop open a can or a box, but still little time compared to what you might think if you have the right tools and ingredients! So I'll share my favorite tips and recipes along the way.

Secondly, I'll have a "crafts and projects" category. Many friends have asked me how I make certain things like frames I have around my home, and since it's hard to explain without the use of visual aid, and I live kind of far from many of those who've asked, we'll have a little craft corner here. Don't get too excited, I'm no guru, and your favorite crafty blogs and pintrest will still have to be consulted since my resources here are extremely limited as to what you can get in the States. But what do I have, I will share!

Then thirdly, I will begin a series called "Out of the Shell". I recently had a lengthy conversation with my sister about the journey I've been on and how much I've learned about who I am. If you recall (mom, since you're the one I know has read each and every entry! ;) ), I started this blog with a series called "I am Michal". And I have come to realize that this is only a part of who I am, as I have always just been "Shelly", but slipped into becoming more concerned about the outside shell than the person within. My sister said that I should write a book. I love that she has confidence in me when I do not. ;) But I told her that blog about it, I could. So I will.

I hope that something I write here will be of use to someone, and a little bit of joy might come into your life because we have crossed paths!


  1. Yay! Can't wait for the recipes (or the rest of it either :D )

  2. I love reading what you and john both have to say. Reading both your words makes me realize that there are others who feels the same things and deal with the same kinds of problems. Loss is hard and we still deal with it day to day. I just wish I had something to keep me sting as you do. I love you and enjoy every word.