Sunday, September 16, 2012


Silence is golden, so it's been said.
Better than saying what you have on your mind is to keep things quite, undisturbed.
I do not speak.

As others wield their tongues, and spread what words they may,
Inflicting wounds on others who silently sit,
Body's soul bearing lacerations left by jabs of careless banter -
I cannot speak.

From fear, or dread, necessity or uncertainty
My very being questioned by those who shout aloud as well as those still silent.
Frozen by habits of old, gripped by obligation or responsibility.
I dare not speak.

Provoked by lies or assumptions
Motives called into question - no one questions me.
Will this break her, maybe?
I will not speak.

As I search within myself for what good may come of this silence so long lauded,
I find a voice which has been whispering all along.
Not quite silenced, but stifled.
The day may come when chains are broken, and the truth unspoken will find its day.
And I may speak.

Oh, day I wish for, come but quickly!
Time may be against us.
No claim to perfection, just claims for truth - however it may look.
Soon I shall speak.